#200 - The Squirrel Whisperer

Number 200! This (very special) instalment kicked off the tradition of having my wife Jen write every hundredth strip. How it went was, she would draw a rough sketch of the comic and write out the dialogue, and then I would interpret it all in the Orneryboy style. Here’s Jen, in her own words:

INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS! Years ago, I stopped to share some treats with a furry friend in a park. Instantaneously, more friends wanted in on the party — including some Canada geese. As they swarmed me, I was both thrilled with their love and terrified by their blatant disregard of personal space. Up to this point, Orneryboy had shown how frightening a zombie horde would be, and I wanted to show that a pile of forest animals blinded by nut lust would be a whole lot scarier!

I think she did a fantastic job! That last panel is one of my favourites.