#155 - Reunion Reverie

I knew this one was coming up. I feel kind of weird about it, because in this day and age it feels irresponsible and insensitive to make jokes about this topic. (Don’t ask me why THIS makes me feel weird, but suicide jokes are fair game to me).

What can I say? I hated high school. I had more tormentors than friends. And “getting back at the popular kids” was a staple fantasy of many of the movies I watched as a young nerd (Heathers comes to mind). And as I mentioned in an earlier commentary, I was an avid reader of Punisher comic books.

I would never enact violent retribution on anyone who crossed me. Sure, I might daydream about it. But I would never act on it. Instead, same as I did in high school, I’d just draw comics about it. It’s more fun, and nobody gets hurt.