#88 - Clubbed to Death

Though I don’t think the name ever appeared in the comic, I always referred to Orneryboy’s Volkswagen Beetle as “The Hate Bug”, sort of the antithesis to Herbie the Love Bug. Around the time of this comic I actually owned a 1966 Beetle. I had always wanted one ever since I was a kid, so when an opportunity to buy one came up, I jumped at it. In retrospect, it was foolish and impulsive, and really bad timing. I had naive intentions of restoring it to roadworthiness, but it just wasn’t meant to be, and after a few years of clinging to the dream, I ended up having to part with it. If things had turned out differently, I would totally have painted it black like Orneryboy’s. Oh well. Who knows? Perhaps I’ll buy another Beetle when I have my midlife crisis!