#68 - House Call of Foreboding Doom

Okay… Does anyone know what that thing on Dr. Keck’s head is!? Because I (the person who DREW that character, keep in mind) had to go look it up. It’s a head mirror, something doctors used to wear. Unsurprisingly, they’re obsolete. I mean, I don’t remember ever seeing any of MY doctors wearing one. Probably just another thing that I learned from TV and comics as a kid, and that got stuck in my mind. Also, he’s making a house call! Do doctors even do THAT anymore!?

Oh! I think this is the first time you ever really get to see Orneryboy and Dirtygirl’s house. I seem to remember that first panel taking a long time to draw. Their house is pretty much my dream house. I always wanted to live in a big, spooky old house. With a turret, of course. And those spiky things on top.