#199 - Udderly Vile

It just so happened that I’d finished that last story arc two strips shy of #200, and since this one happened to fall right on October 31st, I figured why not make another Hallowe’en strip? It wasn’t currently Hallowe’en in the Orneryverse though, so I made a flashback to a Hallowe’en which would’ve occurred before any depicted in Orneryboy up to this point. The strip originally had the precise year in the caption in the yellow box, but I edited the text to remove it and keep the time vague.

Obviously udders are a FEMALE thing, and they’re not “dicks”… But that doesn’t stop Orneryboy! And it doesn’t stop this strip from being super raunchy!

Brad is not just dressed up as some random scarecrow, he’s actually supposed to be Mervyn Pumpkinhead from Neil Gaiman’s comic series The Sandman, which I am a big fan of.