#188 - Operation Tomb Doom

I remember having to actually research Royal Canadian Air Force uniforms for this strip, especially the commanding officer’s cap. I specifically didn’t mention anyone’s ranks in order to keep things deliberately vague, because I’m pretty sure I probably mucked that up somehow. I’m not even sure if those military sweaters with the padded elbows and epaulets are part of the RCAF uniform. I just think they look so cool.

Aircraft nerds — or at least CANADIAN aircraft nerds — may recognize the ill-fated Avro CF-105 Arrow in the last panel. I really enjoyed drawing that, especially coming up with “Gravedigger’s” nose art. It was also an amusing flight of fancy, the idea that in the Orneryverse, the Arrow was never cancelled and scrapped, but saw service even decades later, as a suppressor of zombie outbreaks!