#149 - Zombie You Can Drive My Car...

Obvious reference to the movie 28 Days Later in panel one. Not just in the text, but in the framing of the panel, with the pay phones in the foreground and Dirtygirl in the background. I don’t think they would’ve had to stay in the hospital for QUITE that long, but I needed to fast forward and get them out of there. And I love that movie, so I thought it’d be a fun reference.

HOWEVER… The potential zombie outbreak situation from the previous strip probably would’ve unfolded WAY more quickly than 28 days, so my timelines are kinda fucked. We’ll just assume that the zombies wandered around on the roof for weeks, or that the zombie outbreak was quietly taking place in an unused wing of the hospital, in supply closets or something.

I love the last panel. I’m allowed to love my own work sometimes, right?