#103 - Death by Corndog

At one time, my diet consisted mostly of frozen things that you could chuck in the microwave. And I used to eat a LOT of corndogs. Man, I haven’t had one in ages, not since I gave up eating meat (note to self - look up recipe for corndogs using veggie weiners).

Anyway, the idea for this strip came to me while eating corndogs, obviously. Thinking at the time that it was like looking down the barrel of a big ol’ hot dog gun. And thinking that it’d be fun to draw Orneryboy with his brains blown out by a weiner. A lot of strips just begin with an idea for something that I want to see, and I shoehorn it in somehow. Like that time Orneryboy was lying dead in the gutter. And once again, it’s an idea that involves maiming him. Dammit, Lalonde!