About This Comic

"Orneryboy is a comic about a bitter, angry guy who lives in a spooky old house in suburbia with his terminally happy girlfriend, their pet zombie, and their two cats. It's geeky, gothy, grouchy and gory!"
—Orneryboy postcard, 2011

That sounds good enough! Let's stick with that.

I first started making Orneryboy comics way back in 2002. Not long after posting my 500th strip, and just shy of the comic's 10-year anniversary, I put Orneryboy on indefinite hiatus. At some point during the ensuing years, I went and deleted the website. I don't remember exactly why, but knowing me, I was probably pissed off about something. I'd always intended to resurrect the comic at some point. At the very least, I wanted to restore the archives. I just never found the time or the motivation to do it.

Now it's  2016   2019  2020, and Orneryboy finally has a website again! So here's the plan: I'm just going to start reposting all the old Orneryboy strips with new commentary, and we'll see what happens if and when I get to the end of the archives. Maybe I'll make new comics. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll delete the website again!

About the Artist

I'm Michael Lalonde, creator of this comic. I'm a bitter, angry guy who fled suburbia and now lives out in the countryside with my wife and son in southern Ontario, Canada. The character Orneryboy is loosely based on my own shitty personality.